One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple health science professions, together with their related disciplines and institutions – working locally, nationally, and globally – to attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants, and our environment. African Social Development Focus-ASDEF embraces a transdisciplinary, One Health approach to making Kenya safer and healthier for humans, animal, plants, and their shared environment. There are many health threats that impact our wellbeing at the human-animal-environment interface including zoonotic diseases, or diseases shared between humans and animals, emerging infectious and vector-borne diseases, antimicrobial resistance, food-borne disease, and climate change.


This is why ASDEF understands the importance of One Health and further endorses the use of this approach in addressing these shared health threats in Kenya. Undernutrition is the greatest threat to child survival worldwide and the underlying cause of nearly half of all child deaths. 

Acute food shortage affects many families hence many people across the globe struggle to feed their families a nutritious meal. Nutrition powers children to grow, develop and reach their potential and therefore ASDEF strives to provide nutritious food to the children in order to make the families and communities stronger.  We strive to eradicate hunger and malnutrition within our communities because hungry children don’t do as well in school. 

strategic objectives

ASDEF believes that, with proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop and thrive to their full potential hence we aim at providing an integrated nutrition program in the region by adopting a multispectral participatory approach that creates synergies to achieve the overall nutrition goal.

We recognize that a One Health approach is necessary to deliver effective and efficient on the following pastoralist pressing issues

  • Infectious disease surveillance for both human and Livestock
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Public health emergency preparedness and response
  • Improved Nutrition’s