Climate change will impact every type of natural resource. The distributions of plant and animal species will continue to change as rising temperatures alter ecosystems and amplify existing environmental concerns. will vary widely based on the species involved and other factors. These programs are typically designed in response to humanitarian crises including natural disaster and man-made disaster. The primary objective is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. ASDEF aims to initiate an Integrated Emergency Response to communities affected by Drought in the region with the main objective of responding to the immediate needs of the drought affected people in the targeted areas and improving their resilience to cope with future humanitarian needs.

ASDEF strives to Support the community initiatives that address and respond to vulnerabilities related to climate change, and enhance the voices of communities in the climate change discourse at the county level. (climate smart agriculture, Nutritional sensitive agriculture climate sensitive activities Nexus approach to provide a platform for ecosystem approach)

This sub program aims to deal with the issues/problems related to pasture depletion and environmental degradation due to overgrazing and encroachments, climatic change (shifting seasonal patterns), persistent droughts, over population and the resultant competition for the limited natural resources. The objective is to ensure environmental conservation and pastoralists drought resilience through community organization and sensitization on drought cycle management and community-based disaster risk reduction approaches.

In order to adequately deal with the highlighted challenges, ASDEF shall explore amongst others the following overall strategies under the NRM

  • Collaborate with other partners in NRM e.g. the County Forestry Office/NEMA to create county wide environmental awareness throughout the county
  • Community empowerment and involvement on NRM issues.
  • Use of community traditional community-based structures and/or coping mechanisms.
  • Enhance community preparedness and coping mechanisms towards disasters.
  • Ensure appropriate programming recognizing the various development phases (i.e. Normalcy/preparation, Emergency and Rehabilitation).
  • Community training on importance of efficient stock (range) management, proper land use planning and soil conservation.
  • Dissemination of information on early warnings systems through public outreach.
  • Facilitate relevant fodder production technologies (e.g. suitable grass and high value trees)
  • Environmental awareness and management initiatives e.g. afforestation, protection of water catchments, awareness campaigns at schools & communities’ level
  • Support introduction of drought resistant crops, provision of tools, seedlings and other farm implements to farmers and fodder production, harvesting and storage.
  • Support the use of alternative environmentally friendly energy saving sources
  • Support groups dealing in waste management and recycling
Networks and Collaboration
ASDEF is an active member of a number of local and regional forums and networks for the purpose of coordination and sharing learning. At local level, ASDEF is an active member of the County Steering Group (CSG) in Wajir, Mandera and Tana River, Water and Environmental Sanitation Coordinating Forum (WESCOORD), Wajir Child right Network and core-group member.
Program Implementation Approach

ASDEF will continue to implement the above-mentioned programs using suitable procedures and rights-based approach of engagement with our beneficiaries. The approach shall among other issues embrace the following: –

  • Community involvement in all stages of project cycle
  • Lobby and advocate for favorable government policy
  • Collaboration with like-minded stakeholders
  • Reduction of extreme poverty for the vulnerable households.
  • ASDEF delivers its projects/programs through community-based interventions that advance gender equality and women empowerment in political, social, cultural and economic spheres. It also values conflict sensitivity in its programming and delivery of projects/programs. ASDEF delivers through holistic approach and integration.