Vision Statement

An empowered, secure and resilient communities.

Mission Statement

To promote peaceful co-existence and socio-economic empowerment among ASAL communities to support their initiatives.

Core Values

Our core value accronym is TIPCCER

  • T – Transparency and accountability – We are open in our all our work and we endeavor to live a life beyond reproach, always.
  • I – Integrity – We uphold the highest level of honesty in our engagements.
  • P – Professionalism – We strive to be professional in all our engagements.
  • C – Commitment and service to community – We take service to humanity as a calling and a higher purpose.
  • Cooperation and partnerships: we work with various stakeholders and actors – community, county and national governments, development sector actors, faith-based organizations, among others, in our interventions.
  • E – Equity and respect for human rights – We hold that all individuals are equal and should be accorded the dignity and worthiness that they deserve.
  • R – Responsibility: ASDEF aspired to build on and maintain its reputation as a conscientious, dependable/bankable and trustworthy organization.