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Our focus is to work with communities and leaders to ensure there is good and transparent governance aimed at changing living conditions and improving quality of life of the society.

Governance & Democracy

This portfolio seeks to remedy exclusion of youths, women and communities from public participation processes because it is a denial of basic human rights and contributes to marginalization and disempowerment. The result is the diminishing livelihood expansion opportunities that entrenches poverty.

Therefore, we draw tailored public participation mechanisms that ensure inclusive public participation processes and policy decisions solely based on evidence to capture the aspirations of the people in line with their communal livelihood needs. We build communal capacities and those of non-sate actors to hold public officials and agencies accountable for the delivery of services. 

Areas of Focus
Areas of Focus
- Education & Literacy.
- Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH).
- Health & Nutrition.
- Governance & Advocacy
- Promoting Peace & Security
- Environmental, Climate Change & Livelihood.
About Us
ASDEF is a social organization dedicated to improving marginalized communities to develop capabilities to handle various social and economic challenges that have adverse impacts. We are leveraging partnership with relevant stakeholders to achieve these goals.
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