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African Social Development Focus (ASDEF) is a not for profit, non-political organization registered in 2013 under Section 10 of the NGOs coordination Act. The organization was formed by local professionals who have a wide experience in humanitarian work to promote the wellbeing of the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of the society in the far flung Northern Regions of Kenya with head office in Wajir and field offices in Mandera and Tana River. A board of directors consisting of seven members governs the organization. Our main thematic areas of work include Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Promoting Peace & Security, Governance & Advocacy, Environmental, Climate Change & Livelihood. We are currently working in Wajir, Mandera and Tana River Counties.



To be an ASAL society where disadvantaged groups realize their full potential
for dignified and sustainable livelihood.


To improve on the living standards of the disadvantaged groups in ASAL Areas through transformation of their aspirations and potentials into positive and productive lives. 


a) To reduce the literacy gap among vulnerable girl child in ASAL areas through formal and informal education

b) To strengthen livelihood resilience, including establishment of alternative household food security systems and nutritional intake through climate-smart farming.
c) To strengthen the capacities of vulnerable women and youth on livelihoods development through community participation in decision making.

d) To enhance provision of medical services and promote health needs as well as the general well-being of the poor

e) To promote quality education and equal learning opportunities among poor communities to improve communal limberness

f) To promote human dignity through the provision of quality water, sanitation and conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

g) To strengthen resilience of communities against violent extremism through combating radicalization.

Areas of Operations

We are currently working in Wajir, Mandera  and Tana River Counties. Our main thematic areas of work include Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Promoting Peace & Security, Governance & Advocacy, Environmental, Climate Change & Livelihood.

Organizational Values

  1. Transparency: We are highly accessible and open for information and
  2. Collaboration: Synergy is our driving force where we create and maintain
    meaningful partnerships to advance the livelihood cause.
  3. Professionalism: We are devoted to high standards in our operations and
    dispense quality services to the community.
  4. Integrity: We are anchored on honesty and fairness in our work and encourage strict adherence to the organizational ethics.
  5. Consistency: We value strict adherence to the execution of our thematic
  6. Inclusivity: We value diversity of individuals, communities and ideas in
    undertaking our work.
  7. Accountability: We Value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our
Areas of Focus
Areas of Focus
- Education & Literacy.
- Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH).
- Health & Nutrition.
- Governance & Advocacy
- Promoting Peace & Security
- Environmental, Climate Change & Livelihood.
About Us
ASDEF is a social organization dedicated to improving marginalized communities to develop capabilities to handle various social and economic challenges that have adverse impacts. We are leveraging partnership with relevant stakeholders to achieve these goals.
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Wajir Town, Along Airport Road,
Former Neyrus Guest House, Wajir, Kenya
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