The ASDEF action will support livelihood and ecosystem management and value chain systems through development and integration of appropriate technology enabled innovation applications that reduce vulnerabilities and impact of climate change. The ASDEF interventions is expected to contribute towards reducing livelihood, human and ecosystem vulnerability through sustainable livelihood security and soci-economic transformation and economic opportunities (including employment and self-employment) and increased green recovery.
ASDEF program contribute to enhanced access to vital ecosystem and sustainable employment and economic opportunities. ASDEF foster to adopt appropriate participatory approaches, processes and methods models at local, national and regional levels that are applicable to and promote pastoralist favorable production and diversification policy and concretize social –structural and systems transformation. ASDEF interventions support and strengthen the capacities and functioning of existing diversifying structures, civil society actors, networks and alliances through trainings and promotion of participatory processes and models that enhance inclusivity, development of appropriate measures and strategies for livelihood and environment resilience.

The sector implements livestock, agriculture Poultry, Apiculture and Gum resins focusing the following :

  • Enhance participation through community dialogues, consultations, innovation, partnerships.
  • Livestock and Livestock product-based marketing and value addition
  • Capacity building for marketing associations
  • Capacity building on Nutritional agricultural sensitives and its product marketing and value addition
  • knowledge/information sharing and learnings.
  • Support for vocational training centers to empower them and earn there living through the skills gained